Monitoring and mapping

Correctly monitoring and mapping infestations and control operations helps to ensure that wilding conifers don’t re-infest a controlled site.

Controlled areas need to be monitored regularly, as conifer seeds in or on the ground are viable for up to 6 years. Check controlled sites after 2-3 years and hand-pull any seedlings that have sprouted. Repeat this 2-3 years later. For more information on Control methods, follow the quick link at the bottom of this page.

Generally, if the site is clear of wildings after 6 years from its original control, the operation will be complete. Although if there is a seed source that cannot be removed, then control will be ongoing.

The LINZ - Wilding conifer information system has been developed by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) to support the National Wilding Conifer Control Programme. The tool is well-suited for larger landholders and stakeholders involved in control efforts. They use it to:

  • map the extent and nature of wilding conifer infestations

  • record the control activities carried out

  • analyse and report on the success of the programme by measuring the change over time of infestations

Another support for dealing with larger infestations is a standardised 'good-practice' method of post-control monitoring - something we are working to develop.

You can learn more about the Wilding Conifer Information System or download an App on the LINZ website, or click this link LINZ App

 Map of New Zealand's Management Units