In the right place, conifers offer shelter and opportunities for recreation and income, but left to spread they become a pest - infesting farmland, native ecosystems and water catchments.

We have a plan

What threat are we facing and how are we tackling it? Read about how communities and land holders across New Zealand are working to control wilding conifer infestations. This work is aided by regional and national funding, and research programmes.

Prevent the spread

Plan and manage the control of pines and other conifers on your place. Get help with this. Calculate what to plant instead, and where.

Programme news

The latest news from our National Programme and partners.


Who’s controlling wildings in your area, and how to contact them.

New Plantings

Planting new trees? Calculate what to plant instead, and where.

Mapping information

Where are the wildings? View infestations and access mapping tools.


Get the science and all the details.

Site restoration

Restoring farmland, forest or ecosystems once you’ve cleared the wildings.


Control Good Practice Guides.